Fixed a crash when Ipek Turkish was selected with the key 0. Fix for some cameras that had an empty registry file in the camera and therefore couldnot be upgraded. All dockingstations are supplied together with an external control panel. And the information was off missing Italian. Improved stability together with ZoomText.

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The system can also be used as a regular video magnifier at home, connected to a LVI monitor and a docking station. If you want to test a few more minutes you can restart the camera again.

Minimized mode has been added to the Split Mode F8 rotation. This improves the voice and creates a better audio experience for anyone listening. Fix for incorrect PDF manuals from the start menu. We offer a wide range of unique accessories that make your MagniLink S Premium 2 more useful, effective and even smarter. Improved stability together with ZT Improved stability together with SuperNova. Mouse click no longer starts speech in quiet mode.


You can control all functions with your computer keyboard. X or later, Dolphin SuperNova 12 or later, iZoom 4.

Press F8 to get started directly from a minimized state. The hotspot of the mouse cursor is changed from 5,5 to 0,0. Record a video with audio. Load profile now updates the graphical user interface GUI correctly. Anna, Markus Petra, Yannick Italian: At LVI, we use cookies to make the site work well for you.

Docking station with plate. Al such characters are removed from the OCR result. It is now possible to change the color of the reference line in the EUC-tab. Save pictures in different formats, including popular JPEG.

MagniLink S software

When pressing 0 the application now informs the user about the voice switch by reading aloud the new voice. Fits perfectly also on small desktops. Simple and flexible MagniLink S Premium 2 is always accessible; sets-up and is ready to use in virtually seconds.

Up to a full A4 page US Letter can be scanned stusent once and by using keyboard commands you can quickly and efficiently scan multiple pages in a matter of seconds.


This problem has been rectified.

MagniLink S software

Please download this version: Changing split position with supernova now works. EUC is a configuration program that can individually modify the settings according to the user, for ex magnification max minguiding line colour thicknesscurtains, lighting, grey scale and artificial colours.

Please note that the latest versions will be automatically installed if True Update is activated. Added some notifications when SuperNova is running. Sliders can sometimes display two different values Higher text size in Windows can create a scrollbar in the Change Color drop down. This improves the voice and creates a better audio experience for anyone listening.

Mac OS X MagniLink S v 2. MagniLink S v 7.