The function of the WiFiIni program is not clear. You can find out by running the utility SirfTech Description in Russian. Customer is responsible for warranty replacement shipping. I do not like Wireless Manager. If COM8 and the speed of , then everything is fine, you can do the update, if not, then you need to set these parameters with this utility and only after that do update.

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Please Post Your Suggestions. Finally an WM6 rom for this top device all thanks to the hard work of Football Changes: This program performs initial WiFi reset, i.

Yes, it is problem with reader in your notebook.

FAQ on flashing the FSC Loox N / C –

I’ll wait for an answer from you even if the topic is alomost close! The most cardinal, cold restart, we check the current consumption, and then we put the programs and see who gives such current consumption.

Here is what iXBT writes: Improve main storage speed. Exhibits all the parameters of the WiFi chips their 2-a in the original state.


It will take about 10 minutes to complete. Firmware was checked on a device with 64 MB. Any concerns or questions? When connecting via WiFi available resources can be seen by clicking the Refresh button 2nd Figurewhere they can be connected. Fujitsu Siemens N WM6. Again I am not sure upgrading WMv6 could help.

When buying from the hand!!! This assembly has Russian interface and is release! If it’s high, turn the Sdyc off, let it cool down.

How to get rid of it and return zdhc the icon tray WiFi and BT? You can find out by running the utility SirfTech Description in Russian.

Fujitsu-Siemens C550 / N560 SDHC Card Driver with working WiFi!

Please clear your browser cache. Your device will be supported in a nearest future.

In turn, the data of the ephemeris contain very accurate corrections of orbital and clock parameters for each satellite, which is required for precise determination of coordinates. I have to buy a 8Gb.

TimothyPApr 14, The SDHC card is directly readable after a hard reset.


Pocket PC ROM: Fujitsu Siemens N WM ROM upgrade (Newplow ver )

I have a Transcend 5-in1 as well and it doesnt read my sdhc card. Well, mostly i want to thank all them just for being good friends Connect power adaptor and usb cable to your pda, wait till active sync connects, run pocketloox5xxflashtool and follow instructions. It turned out this detail: WM6 for Fujitsu Siemens N There are no constructive shortcomings: Fully charge the battery of your LOOX N, until the upper right led of the device is continuously red. We make it easy for you. If there is no update of satellite data via the Internet, then everything works as before, before the update.

It should be specified after the change in lood settings that you gave.