Thirdly if you are not using Netfolders you may still have the add-in installed. This might be due to some malicious software. Apparently, this can appear after SP1 is installed on Windows Server After looking at everything, it turned out that the problem was related to the NTFS permissions that were too tight on the drive and folder it was installed to. Some applications may fail with this error when the system is left unstable by another faulty program. Select the Service tab and set the default web site.

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When I tried to open the Control Panel after the restart nothing happened, it did not even start to open, and no further related Event IDs appeared. Everyone else could log in. Windows SP2, module kernel After a restart, there should be no more errors.

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The computer had been built from a Ghost image of another computer that had the Windows swap file on the C: Rebooted the server and the error ceased to occur. If the issue still persists, to prevent the Foundation Snart for Windows from experiencing an application fault again, disable the Performance Monitor subagent from the HP Insight Management Agents applet in the Windows Control Panel by performing the following steps: My fix was to add w3wp.


Apparently, this can appear after SP1 is installed on Windows Server Many of them have been related to TMproxy. ME appears to clear up the issue.

I went to dllworld.

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After few seconds, an application error pop-up appears – the one with sending report to Microsoft and after that, another one with drwatsn32 IE is not responsive. This may also occur if the application is not compatible with the operating system. DLL was the module. The problem comes from a bad configuration of the running applications.

Winnwr computer was fully configured when this Event ID occurred.

Follow the prompts throughout the System File Checker process. I have recently installed Windows Media Player 9.

It started to open but then caused explorer. It winenr require a reboot of the box. An explanation and replacement can be found in EV Probably this issue is addressed to an faulty video file or an malfunction in this module.

UPS (ИБП) Ippon Все модели UPS (ИБП) Ippon

This could be a bug in RealPlayer that leaves Explorer. IE is back to normal and now I can set a default home page. After this, the printers work properly, and the spool service does not stop any more. One thing that was unique was it wonner happened on our Dual Core machines. I replaced them from a backup. So far, the only other suggestion has been to disable hyper-threading which defeats the purpose.


See EV for details. Check for WSD-ports on the server, and if they are present, and not connected to any smar, they should be deleted.

See ME for details on how to do that. This issue can occur if you use keyboard commands to load the registry hive. The problem was contributed to corrupted system files caused by a index.

This problem happened after the last update from Microsoft. Win98 likes profiles to be stored by default in a home folder, NT in a Users folder, and now XP likes a separate Profiles folder.

I had around 30 WSD ports, and when i started deleting the ports, the spooler crashes stopped right away.