Return to General Old Hardware. This is the System Information Viewer: The contents of the well presented box include the following: Plus, the short trace lengths between the BX North Bridge controller and the DIMM slots would indicate a rare chance that even in the most “mission critical” of memory applications the BX would fail. Both contain the same information as each other but one acts as a Main and the other as a Back-up. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Very handy for those unlucky times!

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The BX avoided the more conventional jumper driven configuration, yet refrained from boasting a fully jumperless design, leaving Gigabyte with the remaining option, a single dip-switch solution. Yes, that sounds stupid as hell but it is what it is. When it comes to the biggest names in bx20000 motherboard industry, on the OEM side of things, Intel dominates in terms of sales.

Gigabyte BX2000 BX Slot-1

The selling point of this motherboard is it’s Dual-Bios function. The Manual has got a very nice front and back cover but the contents are made up of recycled paper.

Check all your motherboard jumpers again to ensure that everything is configured correctly.

Gigabyte, in turn, is working to get their name engraved in the minds of hardware enthusiasts world wide, what is their claim to fame? Trend PC-Cillin, Triones ver: Lack of proper FSB and voltage controls put this board out of the overclocking league.

It’s possible that the BIOS is corrupt i. However if you ask a hardware enthusiast what company will be making their next motherboard, chances are that you won’t be hearing anyone give you the name Intel as an answer.


With the BX, just boot the PC, Main-Bios error message would be flashed and you can press the combination keys shown to access to the Dual-Bios management options This combination key is always shown and not only in such an emergency.

The dip-switch is an easily accessible area of the motherboard, and its possible settings are clearly documented on the motherboard directly above it. I would replace this with the GA-BXCE I also have, but this is the third board I’ve tried bx0200 this build and I kind of like it; besides it works once the error checking is disabled. As the name is intended to imply, the BX is the motherboard of the future, but it starts out as being a motherboard that looks much like those of the past.

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Test Configuration Processor s: This is the System Information Viewer: But not to worry because when you access the Dual-Bios Management setup, the directions and options given are fairly straight-forward and understandable. The available FSB settings are very limited, 66, 75, 83,Mhz and a maximum multiplier support of 8x. Gigabyte took great care in placing the most amount of features into the smallest possible area with the BX, there isn’t a square inch of PCB that is wasted with this motherboard.

For years now Gigabyte has concentrated on the fundamentals of creating solid motherboards that provide the user with exactly what they purchased with the board, unfortunately in this highly competitive market, just giving the user what they paid for is motheerboard enough to stay on top.


Motherboarv STR sleep mode, your system uses only enough energy to maintain critical information and system functions, primarily the system state and the ability to recognize various “wake up” triggers or signal, respectively. It seems like every motherboard manufacturer has at least one major claim to fame.

A technology known as dual-BIOS. If any failure ex. All switches seem to be correct.

Press any key or Power-button and your system will come alive as to where you left it within 8 seconds. Not very comforting to the already hot AGP cards we have these days.

Windows 98 Bus Mastering Drivers. F9 which detected the HDD fine. And AOpen made it known to the world that if you want a well rounded motherboard, their high quality products would be an unmatchable force in the industry.

Plus, the short trace lengths between the BX North Bridge controller and the DIMM slots would indicate a rare chance that even in the most “mission critical” of memory applications the BX would fail. BaorancanthearufirageGoogle [Bot]grommitMunxScaliSkoynaywiretap and 9 guests. Very rarely do you hear names such as Freetech and FYI mentioned all over the net, however another name that is not frequently associated among the most popular of manufacturers is in fact a very well known company named Gigabyte.

Very handy for those unlucky times!

Expansion-wise, this board is perfect, just like the Asus P2B-F.