Solution – Challenge Simple Darts. Don’t think of creating constraints inside of software development as necessarily a bad thing. EnumSet is a high-performance Set implementation for enums. This value then 3 gets input through the static Enum. If you want to map an enum to a value, you should always use an EnumMap in preference to an array.

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Lesson 66 – Package Management with NuGet.

Lesson 53 – Working with Enumerations

Another thing worth mentioning enym the enum definition is that it can be nested within another class. Lesson 2 – Installing Visual Studio For example consider the planets of the solar enim. After all, somebody might have an uncommon pet such as a Zebra, or an Eel. The enum type Planet contains a constructor, and each enum constant is declared with parameters to be passed to the constructor when it is created.

Enum types provide high-quality implementations of all the Object methods. Lesson 20 – Maintaining State with ViewState. Solution – Challenge Student Courses. Suppose you want to add data and behavior to an enum.


Java programming language enums are far more powerful than their counterparts in other languages, which are little more than glorified integers. It takes two operands from the command line, iterates over all the operations, and for each operation, performs the operation and prints the resulting equation:. Lesson 40 – Namespaces and Using Directives.


Lesson 22 – Understanding Multidimensional Arrays. Such methods are known as constant-specific methods.

Lesson 53 – Working with Enumerations

Here is a sample program that takes your weight on earth in any unit and calculates and prints your weight on all of the planets in the same unit:. Lesson 8 – Data Type Conversion. Related Articles in this Tutorial: Lesson 49 – Working with the Dictionary Collection. Challenge 10 – Challenge Simple Darts. There is another way give each enum constant a different behavior for some method that avoids these problems.

In software development, you want to do all you can to limit or eliminate dependency on open-ended data types like “magic strings”, which are simply string input from users that could be any value.

NET Framework Class Library, primarily because they limit the possible values that you can pass into methods or set into properties. Here is how it looks:.

Lesson 12 enim The Conditional Ternary Operator. The Card class is immutable, and only one instance of each Card is created, so it need not override equals or hashCode:. Lesson 47 – Object Initializers. To demonstrate this, imagine that we’re creating an application that collects information about pet ownership. Lesson 13 – Comparison and Logical Operators.


[WS-ENUM] ENUM Status of US Implementation (Gary Richenaker)

Solution – Challenge Conditional RadioButton. Lesson 33 – Creating Names Parameters. Lesson 18 – Setting a Break Point and Debugging. Here is an example of a playing card class built atop a couple of simple enum types. Lesson 16 – Enumm with the Calendar Server Control. This is a good place to give an example of why limiting user input is valuable.

Lesson 50 – Looping with the foreach Iteration Statement.

Here is how you create an enum: