Cubase was showing a latency of 12 ms. It’s essentially a ohm headphone jack that doubles as an analog-volumed line out that can either be another ASIO Aux or mirror the rear Main outs. It is wise to download the latest driver from the E-MU website. Low latency performance of the USB is poor. On my older PC, setting a latency of 2ms helped the card start reliably. Post of

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Oct 29, at 2: The headphone jack can be used as a full 2V line out that gives similar performance to the rear outs, which is why the ‘s headphone jack is not appropriate for low-impedance headphones.

It’s been a while since the realease of Windows 7, but there’s still no proper Windows 7 driver asoi for download on their website. Oct 28, at 2: The card mustn’t go in power saving modes through usb. Thank you in advance. I personally think the E-MU is a wonderful headphone amp!

ยป E-MU USB audio interface review

Dismiss Notice We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Some have reported selecting XP Compatilibility mode, while others didn’t. Radio Shack part is perfect for the job, asip you can “roll your own”.


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Seems like the only other suggestion are these manual power saving modes over auto ones. It is wise to never power down the E-MU independently of the PC, since e–mu will probably try to start back up with 48 kHz sampling rate. Some users have reported success using this their or on win7 and win There is one, it’s just on the front for the headphone out. You may or may not need the Expert mode selected. Oct 28, at 5: On the EMU side, don’t use stereo plugs, as they can get hung up in the funny connector and damage it.

This driver is dated and is version 6.

E-Mu 0204 USB and ASIO

The following images show the properties. No, create an account now.

I also think the little soundcard inside my newest American DJ controller has way better bass than the regardless of headphone jack. Your “Audio IF, Hz” setting will be different than mine. I’ll try some tests tomorrow to see how things have changed. Note the funny connector for the Left channel line 0240. I was able to hear an playing through a tube amp to HD’s last week.


First of all it doesn’t work at the buffer size of 14 samples. Windows 7 64 bit has an E-MU driver resident in the operating system. There is also a beta for Windows 7, and bit. In the end I went with Nov 1, at 5: By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

E-MU 0204 USB: Damn, They’ve Done it Again! And for $129!!!

Sure coding technique has its fingers in the game as well. Things go worse on a Mac.

The guy was using the headphone out as e-,u pre-amp to the amp. If you are going to access the bios setting, locate for this option.