This feature is a perfect idea when the user wishes to resume scanning after the power has been turned off. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. These parameters must be set again in the Bluetooth module by initializing the Bluetooth stack. Disable the power save. Timing to Load the File The timing for incorporating the configuration file is when a reset or a full reset is performed on the terminal. Tap here and hold down a key to The adjustments made in two parameters above with the adjustable slides can be checked by entering an actual key.

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The server disconnects after sending out the mail.

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Switching can be performed once the USB device is disconnected. Button This button displays the soft keyboard options screen for the input method selected in Current input method pull-down menu. Copyrights Tab This tab is for displaying the OS copyright information.

Welcome Wizard The Welcome Wizard sets up the following. Remove Button This button removes certificate or key.

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The settings will not become effect until when a reset on the terminal is performed a next time. Brightness Battery Tab Fig. Each firmware of the driver and the module both instructed initiates necessary process following the rules of IEEE Noise Filter If the background of a bar code is white color, a noise tends dync be generated easily during scanning causing the error rate to increase. Becomes data if there is no check digit S Start and stop characters Table.


Button This button displays the site adding screen to enable adding the specified site specified in Add this web to the zone field to the selected zone. F Initiate application registered in the registry below.

Saves document file by overwritten.

Advanced Button This button displays the advanced privacy settings screen to set advanced settings of the privacy. Note, however, that if WakeOn Bluetooth function has been set enabled, the power to the Bluetooth module will remain on even if suspend is executed.

NET Synx Framework 1. Laser calibration see note below can be used to adjust each setting value for the laser beam emission width. Distributor code a code used to protect distributor developed software from illegal copying by unauthorized party is saved in other area different from the individual ID.

This captures the current usable service profile information of the partner Bluetooth equipment. This protocol is the second layer data link layer of OSI basic reference model, and it can be used not only via IP network but also via various paths such as 33303 relay and Sub.

AFH Automatically or manually limits and controls radio wave frequency band to be employed in Bluetooth communication. On the first set, the right earbud has no sound. Selects all the files and folders that are displayed. Scanning the same bar code again will be prohibited as long as the scanning continues for the preset number of times. Access the Internet using a proxy server Set the checkbox enabled when a proxy server is used for accessing to Internet.


Data will be automatically restored from the backup data. Indication of Key Input Mode Key input mode currently synnc appears in the task tray. Therefore, data of scanning cannot be output to application that does not support the past operation the keyboard event Ctrl and v keys.

Buzzer Basic Specifications The buzzer can be used to output various sounds such as scanning confirmation, alarm, warning and any other available sounds. Used to search for currently usable services provided by the partner Bluetooth equipment. The following connection types can be created.

The Bluetooth connection will be disconnected as well. Scanning a bar code will take place when the Trigger key is pressed. Scanner Setting This applet is to change the settings for the integrated laser scanner. In Bluetooth serial communication, this is used for connection to other Bluetooth equipment.