So nice to have that in this day and age. Some of you might be thinking “he’s blaming the club rather than his swing”, but I assure you that having seen my pro several times recently there is nothing wrong with my game – in fact I’m hitting all my other clubs sweetly. The Brain February 4, – Cover and tool not available. Now this is all well and good if you have a fade or slice. Jim Miller February 16, –

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With a club head design that was inspired by a Lamborghini, we could only hope that it delivered the same aerodynamics of the amazing sports car.

Callaway FT-iQ Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

I loved the shaft. I still feel that the original grip was the worst grip ever put onto a golf club, but my opinion regarding the rest of the driver has changed, I originally stated that this driver won’t cure a slice or a hook. My mom said I can buy a new driver this year and this one will be near the top.

Any thoughts and comments ft-iiq be appreciated. It looks like one of the Tai Fighters from Star Wars, but that is a good thing. Is the ft-iq a better driver than the taylormade burner 09 driver.

I went to a club fitter who works with alot of guys on mini tours and when he checked the swing weight it was playing d4 instead of the d2 you don’t get this service from a normal custom fit swing weights and counter balancing. I haven’t regretted it.


The standard will suit most golfers promoting straighter drives, whilst the Callaway FT-IQ tour model sits a little open allowing the all to be shaped more easily. The tf-iq problem with the driver is that I hit it so far with such accuracy my dad is making me move back to neew tips! But over the course of time of writing these equipment reviews, I have learned not to trust a picture and wait until the real thing is in my hands.

The titanium club face has an X-Shaped Center with just enough surface texture to repel moisture and impart spin. Just purchased this driver after trialing many others as well, kept coming back and picking this one up and overall the results were far more consistant, generated very straight distance, the spread on my ft-kq was only 10yards, so staying on the fairway was easier, this club brwnd me performed better when I lowered my swing speed, so for me the regular flex was better than the stiff, also, I found the flight lower than I am used to so went for 10 degrees.

Callaway FT IQ Review

Each golfer hit about 30 balls with the driver and then callqway got together to compare notes. This was a solid review of a club that I have been waiting for. They reported back great distance, phenomenal control, and no slicing.

However I am one of those players that can lose it to the right so having a driver slightly offset has never been an issue for me.

Today’s Golfer

Just put a nice tempo swing on it and this club works really well. See each listing for international shipping hew and costs. Great work on the review.


This was not on my list of new drivers until i read this review. I play the FTi from last year and it is missing exactly what the reviewer said.

Thanks for the review. Dave Schmidt February 4, – Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers bbrand. You guys really did your homework on this one. And everything on the Callaway FT-iQ has been designed to improve on caallaway market defining FT driver, with improvements made across the board. The reviews are great and the price has really come down.

Callaway FT IQ Review – The Hackers Paradise

Daniel December 23, – 6: No Headcover or Tool Included. Ndw exclusive Fubuki shaft from Mitsubishi Rayon adds to the incredible feel and performance.

I was never a fan of the previous square callaway driver — this is a huge improvement — without a doubt. The guy in the store also recomend me over the Diablo which I choose earlier.

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