The solution to Assignment 2 is available here: Amaro de Matos, Chapter 1: Discussion of the limitations of the models and preview of variants of the models. The portfolios have been created as additional factors that might have predictive power above the CAPM. See note available above. Revisiting Piece of Investment History. Conflicts of Interest, continued:

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ECON Topics in Financial Economics | QED

Available to answer e-mail on other weekdays. Maybe greed isn’t always good – but at least it’s ok some of the time. Several examples of fund managers were profiled in the movie The Big Short, made famous by their investments against the housing market collapse.

Alternate dataset with revised formatting: More importantly, this lecture will focus on sample midterm questions. Assignment 2 is available here: On the other side of the discussion, here is a group discussion among practitioners who express their disagreement with the various flavours of efficient markets hypotheses.


Microeconomics Workshop – Christopher Chambers. Class Cancelled Extra time to work on your assignment s.


Review your ECON reference, as necessary. Uses datasets collected in Assignment 1, Question 2.

Office hours during exam period. Some of my favourite exam questions fit in the following categories: Some examples of fund managers: See the solution and grading guidelines for the midterm exam posted above.

ECON 423: Topics in Financial Economics

Practice So far, we have been working on very stylized models, intended as benchmarks for more complex – vc-11a more realistic – models. Assignment 1 is available here: Assignment 4 is available here: Note, in particular, the Uncle Sam poster claiming that index investing is Un-American.

Assignment 4 Due Monday, March 20 at 3: They grew their business by identifying instances of market incompleteness and providing the missing forms of insurance.

Amaro de Matos, Chapter Amaro de Matos, Chapter 1, section 1. Here is an article about the pioneers of the Leveraged Buy-Out: Issuing Equity, Going Public Readings: Allan Gregory in Policy Options August 16, Assignment 3 Due Monday, February 13 at 3: Ruppert, Chapter 5, section 5. Bogle, founder of the Vanguard group of funds, an early index investor.


Short-selling case study Planet Money: How Efficient are Markets Really? Here is a reference for the notation used sfar the principal-agent problem: Here are some references to actiln economic content of the investment strategies: Tutorial for Assignment 2. Held in Dunning Lab during scheduled class time, from 4: