As Robin attempts to reason with him of what will happen to Enies Lobby once the Buster Call is invoked, Spandam makes another mistake by informing the whole island of the coming threat while admitting that he does not care if the 10, navy soldiers under him are obliterated in process. But Ace refuses and the two use their strongest attacks on each other. Collection 13 Uncut “. Chopper in his own office and Luffy catching a shark with his bare hands, Ussop encourages him to put it in their surrounding aquarium, they hurry up to see it down there along with the rest of fishes, what a surprise the Shark had a lunch already! Rokuoku Koe no Ichimi! I HAVE seen a few episodes of this arc, I even read a few manga chapters because people told me it was faster that way and whatnot

But Luffy, spurred by Usopp’s words, gets back to his feet with a promise not to fall until he wins. He insists that Sanji taste some of his cooking, Sanji worried by the old man’s cooking style yet amazed by the flavor. Collection 14 Uncut “. The culprit is revealed to be Usopp, standing on top of the Tower of Law far from the marines’ firing range. Season 5, Voyage Six”. Despite appearing to have sunk at Water 7, the Going Merry somehow made it to Enies Lobby with the Straw Hats have little time to speculate how their ship arrived as a livid Spandam, revealed to have survived being crushed by Funkfreed, orders the Buster Call battleships to destroy Robin and the Straw Hats. Garp arrives to Water 7. While Chimeney and Gonbe accompany him to gather groceries, Sanji is forced by the two to take them to a small floating restaurant owned by a drunken old man for lunch.

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One of the Guilty Jurymen throws his massive iron ball at Gomorrah, knocking him down. But seeing Robin not to be the monster the rumors made her out to be, Franky decides to gamble the fate of the world on the Straw Hats’ resolve to save their friend and burns the blueprints.

The Fate of the Grand Line! Three days earlier before the Thousand Sunny’ s maiden voyage, on an island near Water 7, Blackbeard receives the news of the Straw Hats’ devastation of Enies Lobby and decides to pursue them.


Blackbeard than overwhelms Ace who making him another offer to join his crew. Luffy defeats Blueno, steps past his unconscious body, and cries out for Robin to hear that he has arrived.

What episodes are in the CP9 arc/saga in one piece?

Log In Sign Up. During Aqua Laguna, Abi’s family had left their year-old yagara bull at home and they find him ard when their came back. Nami can’t do crap unless she gets tentacle-hair raped or becomes a inflatable doll, thankfully her fight with Sexual Harassment was pretty good after that. This goes on for quite a while, actually Curious to know the secret of the old man’s secret ingredient, Sanji leaves Chimeney and Gonbe with the old man as he searches around the city for seasonings that might have been used.

One day remains until the yearly town festival, in which ccp9 gathers to have a picnic under the year-old sakura tree.

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. If “they” somehow means Oda, then that makes sense since this arc was in the manga as well. After the least experienced crew members under Whitebeard are knocked out by Plece Haki, he offers Whitebeard a large bottle of sake as a peace offering.

But allowing himself to be captured, believing that the soldiers are “guilty of onne weak”, Lucci murdered all five hundred hostages before executing the pirate’s captain to resolve the matter.

I only recently realized how important-ish this arc was: Using the Pieece Submarine, Nami and Franky find out that penguins are moving the icebergs before they are attacked with Usopp and Sanji knocked off the Thousand Sunny into an ice cavern.

Olvia, who returned to the island on a stolen navy ship, hurries to the Tree of Omniscience to warn her colleagues of a coming navy fleet.

Sodom the king bull incurs severe damage and urges the Straw Hats riding him to continue without him. After discussing Chopper’s Monster Point form, they conceive a plan to save Chopper as they find him in the room where the still handcuffed Zoro and Usopp are holding their own against Kaku and Jabra.

Sanji notices the man to be deep asleep and decides to prepare something himself. Pieve hearing that the Straw Hats have entered the glacial field as planned, the Accino family proceeds to collect the bounty on the Straw Hats in honor of their leader Don Accino eipsodes his birthday.


This causes Robin to be utterly livid yet powerless as stream of tears runs down her cheeks as all seems hopeless after Franky was seemingly taken out by a mine Spandam placed at the entrance to the Bridge of Episoces.

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Collection 14 Uncut “. Due to their ‘brotherly love’ making them human magnets, Canpachino and Brindo use their unique fighting style to separate Luffy from the others.

Archived from the original on January 26, Lucci, Showdown Between Leaders! Meanwhile, Brindo tricks Luffy and company to summon his elder twin brother Canpacino to the Phoenix Pirates’ ship and free him. The Straw Hats’ Outcry! Dark Justice and Rob Lucci! Meanwhile, Puzzle defeats Canpacino, the rest of the Straw Hats search for their flag, and Robin and Lil reconcile with one another.

Diary of a Wimpy Coby? But while Nami intended to go down stairs, Usopp has a better idea.

I like Crocodile, I really do, but by the time he started fighting Luffy in the ruins I got bored of him. Despite scolding him for being too easy, Nami decides to take over and fight Kalifa while leaving Sanji in Chopper’s care.

Luffy easily gets past the second gate, while the Franky Family and the Galley-La foremen, following their initial plan, break the first gate’s defenses. The war moments were pretty good! Oretachi wa Nakama da!! Retrieved January 30, Franky, who had followed Chopper in climbing up the walls of the Tower of Law, arrives as Nami is about to retrieve the Number Two key from Kalifa’s person.

Mamore Nagisa no Terebi Kyoku ” Japanese: