Astrology predicts that the Company Raj will end in a hundred years And a hundred years, ends this May Then let’s fix the date 31st May On that day, all of lndia will rise and become free lt’s Holi! Which bastard did this? Go straight to hell Boom goes your faith, boom goes your honour Shut up, liar! He doesn’t have the authority But now he has an excuse He’ll attack us and claim that he’s putting down a mutiny They’re coming to attack our homes with horses and cannons! Two boxes of cartridges have fallen down The new Enfield Come, my brothers, come l won’t stay silent any longer, even if it costs me my life!

Sir, l have the deepest respect for you as a gentleman l am simply trying to explain how trade works in lndia lt could be beneficial to you. Yes or no Captain Just knowing what happened is not enough You have to understand why it happened Yes or no! So it was decided Withdraw your guns and go in peace Surrender! Who barks to guard the Company’s loot? The news is all over, sir Nonsense!

Come to think of it, l haven’t seen you at church.

Look my mxngal, l’m drenched in colours And a little drunk, you sway so mesmerisingly How can l not let go and enjoy this moment Next Quick, lift it up. The sepoys don’t want to use it, sir Damn it Bakht Khan Now this is the Army A soldier uses whatever arms and ammunition he is asked to use First company, first platoon, step forward Subtifles Sir, the grease coating is made of cow and pig fat The cow is sacred to the Hindus, the pig forbidden to the Muslims We can’t touch such a cartridge.

Mangl, you’ve bitten the bullet and licked the fat You’ve lost your caste, you have nothing left to lose now Shut up Looting the armoury was wrong Now we leave them no choice What choice did we have? Who barks to guard the Company’s loot? The Company would have used crow fat if that was cheaper Mangal?


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The people Even in England, the Queen may be on the coin, but the rule is of the people The Company has always won by dividing us Mitchell was about to blow us up. Tell me l was angry Angry? Don’t mess with me She’s a spirited mare eh? That would put to an end subtiitles Company Raj. Leave the girl One more word out of you and l’ll have you horsewhipped! Which school did you attend?

By God she’s a gem, a real diamond Okay then, let’s call her that. Go get your guns! You’re badly hurt Did you drink the milk l sent? And what if Gordon sahib is lying?

So it was decided Look at that attitude Gordon sahib, Will you tell me something? That’s enough for me. He was reminded that The time has come!

Gordon manngal his best to save Mangal. And they called it the Free Market. We must confront him with this You think he’ll listen to us? No, he was very old. Why these hurdles, why this trial by fire?

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Come on, we’re all untouchables now. You still haven’t told me your name Jwala Hey stop! You so much pamdey set foot into the Cantonment again, and l will shoot you!

Lockwood raided the godown of a Pandfy merchant, Sorabjee. We will fight But sir, they are our own men Not any more, can’t you see they are mutineers Split up into four groups and let each man carry two torches Sir but we have no such commands from the General Don’t you dare interfere with my authority Please withdraw for now, sir.


A giant wave is rising, Your Majesty lf we don’t wkth with it, we’ll drown Awaken, arise and be blessed. Who’ll pay for the damage? What the bloody hell is going on?

Gordon once again urged that the cartridges be discontinued.

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What is she wearing? What is the Company? Don’t you see, the moment we have all subbtitles waiting for is here! When traders become rulers then the common man pays the price But now Nana Saheb manga, make the Company pay Really? Last night l was with Hewson He blurts out a lot when he is drunk.

But even this warning fell on deaf ears. Where are you off to? You cannot grant my last wish Yet it will be fulfilled Time’s up. Silence This is no fish market Let one man speak Mangal Pandey. Her relatives will surely kill her.

rissing Well, the Company has thousands of heads Oh god, one push into her paradise Knock the superstition out of them Still sir, shouldn’t we be careful? Why didn’t you come today?

Just then, General Anson received the news What’s going on here! The news is all over, sir Nonsense! But how can messages get into wires?