To further complicate matters, his lover has another suitor, who is deemed more worthy of her. The medicine you asked for is to apply. When did you come, brother? This promotion is not enough for your talent. My mother died when l was a child. You’re on fire and burning me now. Will you beat me next? Are you getting out of Shruthi seeing your boss madam?

Who am l talking to? How can l get pregnant in a month? You didn’t wear little while ago. Why are you delaying it? He poured scotch whisky and lit fire to it. Did you bring yellow colour car? Leg, hand, finger or head? Do you really don’t know my name?

Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde (2013)

Ali, Dhanya Balakrishna, Navika Kotia. Please tell me again. What should l do first?

What should l tell now? When you come, it’s fragrance all the way Dear, l’m switching on the speaker.

Yes, l was wrong in my judgement. Dear is always your good friend, right?

You’re my little heart Why are you so worried? Didn’t you hear the ring? Don’t walk away after melting my heart She’ll be here for shopping.


Why would Karthik come here without your encouragement?

Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde – Wikipedia

The shining world is beckoning to unite with it How did you guess it? Girls don’t cut love jasri lover when time comes.

Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde English: Do you know what did you do to me? You’re in a relationship for an year now, moreover he’s your family friend since childhood days, what did he do finally? Trust me, l didn’t see.

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Will you get her beaten up when l said only to threaten? Seeing your beauty, my heart slipped and is lost Mustn’t know him, his name, place or anything about him.

The movie is about how he finds his true love. You don’t know what ends and when! People, l promise, will you believe me? Not because of his bumper offer, l’m asking you to prove to me, l’ll leave Shruthi. Why would l do this silly thing?


Your touch is super! Boss, the girl is here. May be he called to say sorry.

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Did you scare her really? That’s why l’m telling you to speed up the matter. My dear, l’m Karthik. She blabbered unable to bear my torture. After that it’s her wish and my luck. She would’ve said it in some style, tell us about gallantbayyinde. How can you say love is wrong route?

Your dad isn’t greater than God, is he? How could he guess my feelings so perfectly? Though it was a debut for Isha Talwarshe did a descent job.