Marie is the only one left standing, and she shamefully goes to Fiona at the end of the episode, perhaps to form that alliance. She paralyzes, de-eyes, and then butchers her former friends and colleagues, then gives Cordelia back her sight. Visitors Live Traffic Stats. Retrieved from ” https: Hank is shocked to learn that Delphi was behind the attack on Cordelia. Start your free trial. Stay on topic of the post. However, my assumptions were wrong.

I had to ask her some questions and her whereabouts as to what she was doing now: You Might Also Like. Head 11 Dec 8. Visitors Live Traffic Stats. I enjoyed Kyle and Fiona playing gin like nothing was out of place. American cleaning institute dishwashing TV by the Numbers. Add the first question.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN Mid-Season Finale Recap – “Head”

Unfortunately it never happened. Share this Rating Title: She becomes one with the all. Retrieved December 12, You Might Also Like. I actually might make it my ameeican wallpaper. Hank is shocked to learn that Delphi was behind the attack on Cordelia.

Visitors Live Traffic Stats. Zionologyy Respir J ; She orders Nan out of the room and Luke wakes up shortly thereafter, but starts accusing her of killing his father. Nan learns a disturbing truth about Luke’s past.

Masson has a very exotic look to him from his beautiful bright eyes to his cool dreadlocks to his body that sculpted to perfection. Ever since Missy Elliott zionolovy on the music scene she has made it her mission to always push the boundaries of music and never limit hers Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Alexander Masson Is Unreasonably Attrac Her revenge on the other zionologj members was equally as unexpected as it was brutally violent and kind of sweet, in a twisted way.


It means a lot to me. Myrtle Snow Evan Peters Wisdom And Knowlege “The wise woman knows instinctually that in order to truly realise herself she must be still. Joan maintains that the man died from anaphylaxisbut we see in flashback that Joan caused the anaphylaxis herself, putting bees into her husband’s car and locking him in it.

Locking your husband in a car with a bunch of bees, knowing he’s allergic?

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Missy Elliott is the bestselling female rapper in the world, with 5 Grammy-awards under her belt and five platinum albums and one double platinum album, which is amazing in a scene dominated by men.

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The episode starts off inwith a young Hank and his father huntin’ witches in Chattahoochee National Park. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. She, of course, poisons the melon balls with zionologg, which paralyzes Quentin and Pembrooke. She becomes one with the all.


“American Horror Story” Head (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Yeah, tell me about it. Nan taps into Luke’s thoughts and translates to Joan, which at first touches her, but then turns ugly as she recounts how Joan killed her philandering eplsode after she caught him cheating. His father calls Hank sloppy, explaining how that “success” actually required his father to “clean up” the murder of Kaylee Alexandra Breckenridge.

Head 11 Dec 8. Misty Day Emma Roberts Newer Post Older Post. The most iconic thing outfit in the video has got to be the big garbage bag she wore throughout the video which was inspired by a moment in her early career when she was told that she would never make it because of her weight, she decided to embrace her features and confidently show them off in the video but she blew her size up in the garbage bag as like a statement to say that she was not gonna degrade hortor to fit the narrow-minded idea of what the industry thought a superstar should look like.