Jack, you’re a grown man. Particularly effective was the return of Tim Riggins, even more broken and haunted and bitter than when we saw him in the season premiere and played wonderfully by Taylor Kitsch. I don’t recall seeing it on the show before. What happened to Reyes? Hell, they act like that every time there’s a loss, and you know they don’t remember state championship 2 years ago when they lost last year. Eric Taylor cares about character — about passing on his own good character to both his children and the young men who are placed in his care year after year. Aikman His full name was Wade listed as Aikman. Three episodes left and they have only played four real games.

And rather than be resentful that he so publicly declines it — and does so without asking her — she recognizes that he did it for all the same reasons she wanted to build a life with him, and she tells him she loves him and wishes him a good game. Regardless, I think Madison Burge is doing a great job with it. Becky has her mom as an obvious, close-at-hand example of a woman whose life was derailed by teen pregnancy – and who, as Becky strongly implied to Tami, has resented her daughter for it ever since. This could get ugly. I want to promote the ratings, but I just can’t wait that long. Sign Up Sign In. I also can’t get over just how awesome football can be in uniting and uplifting communities and people.

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Interview with Matt Weiner Mad Men: That final play got my heart racing just like a real game! Billy’s “plan” to have a second chance reminded me of Bubbles’ weak plan to get aeason in season one of the wire It wouldn’t be an Alan blog if someone wasn’t thinking of the Wire. The only storyline that took me out of it was Julie and new boy toy Season 5 Preview Mad Men: Quit bugging me Human Target, “Embassy Row”: I mis-counted the m I thought you’d get a kick out of it.

It sure has its flaws, as does FNL, but damn, they are each tremendous vessels for ennobling the human zepinwall. Season 8 News — Officially cancelled Sepinwalk is A LOT of wonderful programming on that channel. Only weeks after turning down all the money and power that Shane State had to offer, Eric could be on the verge of unemployment if the town decides to keep the tradition-laden Panthers and once again dismantle the Criday.

Lila’s creeping me out, though, because it seems to me she has transferred all her Jason-centric dreams to Riggins, and Tim just doesn’t fit that mold. They make it a seem as if it is a desolate town with almost nothing in it. In a way, Becky could always return to the decision not being her’s.


Yeah, he seoinwall come off the bench for a few plays, but the only way he gets to bight QB1 is if Saracen gets hurt. Just launched a new version of my site. I think that last call was supposed to be a bad one, as well as the late hit s.

‘Friday Night Lights’ – ‘The March’: Breaking away

The character of Becky dealt with the situation the way a real teenager would. Coming late to the party. I’ll also be using various “methods” to watch now like I did last season.

Lie to Me, “Honey”: But if you want to give it another try, skip over season two altogether which did have some brilliant moments, but surrounded by too much silliness and start with season three.

It’ll be interesting to see how things play out. A lesser show would be afraid to pull the trigger on such a fundamental aspect of a series.

‘Friday Night Lights’ – ‘The Right Hand of the Father’: Quite the character

As one of the newer shows, Alan reviewed every episode as it aired. Or it could just have been to show the pressures on Luke and opposing viewpoints in the community, and we’ll see no more of it. Billy didn’t look to me like a man ready to quit just yet, and I also don’t know if Calvin’s boss is the type to just let a partner walk away clean.

I was going to quote it if you didn’t!

‘Friday Night Lights’ – ‘Swerve’: Is this the little girl I carried?

I still don’t buy that even the football-obsessed McCoys would pull up stakes and buy a house in Dillon just to work with a coach that they apparently haven’t even met yet. As others have said, this is absolutely the best drama on television right now. Several episodes back when we saw the preview for the episode in which we learn that Becky is pregnant, there were some misleading implications about Tim being the father.

Great that it’s back and seemingly on top form. I also have been watching Clubhouse on Universal HD. Demetri Martin makes som Seventeen years ago tonight I think julie saying she feels like she doesn’t belong while she was visiting college is a tip off to her just ditching school.

It’s the first time on the show that Zach Gilford sounded like he was from Illinois which he is instead of Texas; the accent just went for a grocery run in the middle of that speech. It’s easy to believe that some programs would be better funded than others, but not so easy to believe that an entire high school would have no decent football players at all, as we’re led to believe that young Dillon boys do nothing but play football throughout their childhoods.


Anyway, I’m just glad it was another episode that felt right. So psyched for the episode! Right now, it’s easy to root for Eric and for Matt to triumph against the rich meanies, but what if the meanies are right? nibht

And sepinqall if that works out okay, Tami now has her only ridiculously tempting offer from an out-of-state college. This blog has moved! Ron Moore talks about the fi After all think of all the QB’s we have seen on the teams, never was one of the QB’s the best Athlete on the field.

I suggested it was false advertising, particularly for those who shelled out big bucks to switch to directv for extras like Live from Dillon that NBC won’t be offering in the Spring but, frankly, Ann didn’t seem like she cared whether I would report directv to the consumer protection authorities.

And let’s not forget the wonderful soundtrack by Explosions In The Sky. How will his devout Christian parents react to learning that Becky had an abortion without telling Luke or giving them an opportunity to intervene? Overall, this episode did a great job of building the obvious tension on Eric and Matt, and then they capped it with one of the show’s best, most intense game sequences ever.

This blog has moved!

I can’t believe Katims hired another talented, charismatic actor just to do Voodoo 2. I really wanted Calvin and his crew to give Vince the money but not let him get involved with the criminal aspect. So both my review and the early comments may refer to scenes that were not shown on NBC. If I were Smash I’d at least put that “on hold” until after my tryout to see if that would still go.

Based on Virgil’s comparison of himself to Vince, he would have been a player ahead of his time, one who could very easily have run into a coach or coaches who tried to change his game to fit the playbook rather than changing the playbook to fit his tremendous athletic gifts.

Otherwise, like you said, it’s Voodoo 2.